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About Us

Connected Communities Melbourne Ltd. is a Public Company limited by Guarantee, established to generate resources to support initiatives that create positive impacts for Melbourne communities.
We award grants to deserving community organizations across the following categories, Youth, Community Projects, Disability, Events, Community Safety, Arts and Culture, Community Sponsorships, Environment, Health and Wellbeing and Sport. All decisions on which  grants are approved and funded are made by our  independent Board of Directors. Our income is derived from numerous sources, including our Connected Communities Agreement with the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, our Program Partners, our Supporting Sponsors and Individual Philanthropists. We will attempt to leverage support from all levels of Government. Connected Communities Melbourne welcomes the involvement of over Institutions, Businesses and Individuals. Click here to meet your independent Board of Directors.
Connected Communities Melbourne has been established to support community strengthening activities in our communities.
Vision A connected and caring Melbourne that works in unison to support all of its communities to achieve positive impacts. Mission Generating resources to support initiatives that create positive impacts for Melbourne’s communities. Values
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Caring Courageously
  • Collaborative Leadership


We believe that within our diverse local communities we have the best foundations for ensuring connection, inclusion and wellbeing. We know that by encouraging civic participation and strong communities we are helping to underpin social harmony, collaboration and action. By providing resources we can contribute to strengthening the capacity of local groups to identify their needs, and find solutions. We believe that Connected Communities Melbourne can contribute to the quality of life of all community members, as a focal point for local solutions, shared prosperity and equal participation. Connected Communities Melbourne empowers groups that have the ideas, drive and energy within a grants framework that targets a broad range of needs. By opening avenues for business and communities to give and receive financial support, we are developing a long term platform to make Melbourne safe, healthy and vibrant. 

We will 

- Use the large networks of the Bendigo Bank across suburban Melbourne, its staff and customers to build local support and commitment to grass roots solutions to local needs 

- Collaborate with the business community to open avenues of support that are simple, transparent, share value and meet local area needs 

- Seek to provide flexible, open, timely and fair opportunities for community groups to access resources without unnecessary complexity 

- Build awareness and commitment to philanthropy and the capacity of giving initiatives 

- Establish collaborations and alignments with like-minded sponsors and contributors to extend our resources and recognition of those working to achieve the goals of Connected Communities Melbourne 

- Encourage all in our community to invest in and make a positive impact through their awareness of the Bendigo Bank’s contribution and greater connection to the goodwill and kindness of its local branches

- Monitor and measure our giving program to assess our impact, review our practices and be transparent, honest and courageous in how we operate. 

- contribute to and be part of encouraging good corporate governance in the community philanthropic sector

- we value innovative, risk taking  projects that reflect courageous caring for our community.

Here’s how our agreement with the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank works:

When you buy products and services from any one of the 27 participating  Bendigo Bank branches, and your accounts are linked to Connected Communities Melbourne as your community beneficiary, Connected Communities Melbourne receives a commission payment from the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

What a great idea. How can I get involved.

Drop into your local Bendigo Bank branch, and speck to their friendly and professional staff about transferring your banking to the Bendigo Bank or linking your existing  personal and business accounts to Connected Communities Melbourne. Please note that by linking your bank accounts to Connected Communities Melbourne this does not affect the manner in which your accounts operate or any of the benefits attached to the accounts.
Click here for the 27  participating Bendigo Bank branches and sign up today